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has a lot of shoes fans who are looking forward to entering the brand shoes industry. Not long ago, we shared with you, what conditions and mentality do you need to enter into the industry leading Nike?. This position for "designer", one of the most valuable asset is the brand of enterprise organization, after all, if they will not mind the idea of a powerful and unconstrained style Yueranzhishang, not only athletes didn't wear shoes, no people can buy shoes, most important, their life exploration shoes must be black and white color change from. however, how to climb on top of the world in addition to talent, know your direction, but accumulated solid strength, previous experience may be a shortcut to the broad road. Carsten Franke, the German born designer Nike active in the interview, talking to him how to get this many people yearn day and night duty. in the way the Nike scale, in fact all the so-called "designer" is still in accordance with the different design oriented to segments, in addition to different kinds of sports will have the necessary design department, Carsten Franke's work focuses on the visual presentation, especially in the design will be affected by European consumers the color of the shoes. "I study multimedia art and graphic design, while other colleagues have the background of product design. Personally, I think it's quite helpfu cheap foamposites l for the job.". But you must take your skills to link with the post content, and most importantly, to act, active job, and at the same time with your substantial work experience, I am very lucky once in this industry have internship experience. Through all these, I can from harvest, in giving color to the shoes in the performance, and show my talent, even my personal story of A. "." and his latest work is the Nike Air Pegasus 89 'German Reunification'. It used in shoes quite common camouflage elements, is actually a special significance, and this concept is from his own personal experience in October 3, 1990, the East German army to join the father as usual for the East German border patrol, but in the midnight, East and West Germany army in the shift when both sides exchanged each other different lines of camouflage uniforms, not only is a symbol of peace, the end of the war, the shoe also depicts the indispensable soul in 25 years. what does that mean? If your thoughts and stories are fascinating, Nike will give you their concrete rights, but the first condition, is still on the accumulation of enough strength, enrich your experience, to seize this opportunity to let you long before a show. At the same time, try to live well and be a man with a story, because one day you will use them. source: Complex, Highsnobi〉 Nike in New York in 2016 will be published on Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping the Nike innovation, President and CEO Mark Parker announced that Nike will enter a "personalized sports performance time, performance of Nike air Air Nike Flyknit is to be strengthened, the most advanced new dimensions, in addition, the dynamic adjustments of HyperAdapt 1 re outline of sports shoes the blueprint for the following products also represent the next stage of the innovation of Nike. The design of Nike HyperAdapt dynamic adjustments 1.0 Nike+ Nike Air VaporMax Nike Zoom Superfly Flyknit Nike KD9 Nike Mercurial SuperflyKevin Durant will visit the Greater China region in July 11th, and will travel to three cities in Guangzhou, Hongkong and Taipei. Kevin Durant will share the training methods of training professional attitude and unremittingly to China all the basketball loving young people, and the official opening held for the majority of consumers NIKE RISE ACADEMY training service. 2009, Kevin Durant share training experience in 2013 and the Taiwan Asian youth players, Kevin Durant in Taipei "do not want to say goodnight" appearance. in early 2008, Kevin Durant has brought new title to Taipei, to encourage more young players dedicated to training, to win; in 2012, has been in the League to prove the strength of Kevin Durant to Shanghai, to join the "Nike sports exchange, by scoring Hequan star MVP has encouraged many young in 2013, Kevin Durant player; Retro jordans for sale again visiting China and Taipei, to encourage all the young people in the summer evening out of the house, go on the pitch, adhere to the training, to achieve their dreams. NIKE RISE ACADEMY Greater China coach James Scott will lead a professional coach team for different levels of basketball enthusiasts to bring scientific training courses "even if talent is unusual, without training, talent will turn into mediocrity.". "Kevin Durant says. After hibernation, this year, Kevin, Durant, will return to the Greater China region to share his passion and passion for basketball on the basis of persistent training and extraordinary will power. At the same time, he also appeared on the NIKE RISE ACADEMY service training, professional training methods of scientific and systematic introduction to the basketball fans, and encourage him / her by thinking on the pitch and pitch to under continuous self-improvement. And hope that the vast number of basketball enthusiasts can understand: if you want to improve the standard of basketball, to accept systematic, targeted training, and with actual combat experience, will be more effective than simply increasing the playing time. since the summer of 2016, NIKE RISE ACADEMY will be the first to open in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hongkong, Taipei and Kaohsiung 6 city, the original intention and goal is for all love basketball participant cheap jordans for sale s provide a series of training and entity service platform, to help them have better performance on the court. Both elite players, basketball fans, female basketball fans, or simply love basketball young people can find their own services and training courses in NIKE RISE ACADEMY. in the past two years, "Nike" has inspired many people to participate in basketball, such asadidas UltraBOOST family topic constantly, in addition to the existing modules, continue to introduce all kinds of new color bombing everyone's purse, in the structure of novelty, change, no pause. Earlier we first saw the way into the hanging arch system (station reports), recently in the foreign forum users have to share two new style UlrraBOOST collar extends the development of the sock contour, while supporting both sides also simplified, another version of the Uncaged is derived from the free evolution shoelace style, this approach is reminiscent of the ACE 16+ PureControl UltraBoost published earlier, in the UltraBOOST Redubujian case, brand inject in this aspect of the heart is obvious to people, look forward to the subsequent official disclosure of information. source: Nike, Talk, type silicone strap upper sock collocation Nike Sock Dart this year is one of the high rate of exposure of shoes, like shape and foot sock like people in the outfit can be very easy to use, I believe that a lot of pr Cheap air jordans for sale ospecting shoe out on the good partner, in addition to the previous season launch monochrome in summer the brand will also be in the next line, continue to bring new color. Like this girl's exclusive color, through the short hair fabric with green ink fixed belt presents, quite suitable for the recent is gradually cool winter and autumn climate. It is understood that the color of Taiwan has been listed, are interested in prospecting shoe can be located to Nike stores or distributors contact. source: Titolo day before Converse held activities for the legendary shoes One Star in Beijing Lang Park, about One Star's complete history. Today, One Star meaning beyond the shoe itself, it represents the trend of the spirit, profound impact on basketball, skateboarding, music, fashion and the future development of street culture, and lead and inspired countless young people's way of life. One Star first came to power in 1940, as Converse's first leather version of the All Star basketball shoes came out. 1974, the brand for the first time shoes into the shoe side Pentagram mark, but so far, the shoes name is still Leather, All, Star and Suede All Star. Since then, after 20 years, until the fall of 1993, Converse again launched the shoes, in the shoes side retained a "Star" design, and give it a new name: One Star. 90 in the early 1980s, fashion pioneer who opposed the change rapi cheap jordans online dly shoes technology, turn to wear real simple street fashion style, One Star is so popular, become a generation of trendsetter shoes of choice, it has also been Grunge Rock music of love. Since then, due to the One Star shoe itself has proper elasticity and comfortable version, and a lot of street skateboarding enthusiasts of all ages. While legendary skaters were stepping on the One Star on the slide film Mouse, One Star was included in the history of the skateboarding world. In 2015, Converse Elsesser and Pablo in the skateboarding team One Star starred in the street culture slide film, the legend of a shoe again. today, the grand launch of Converse 2017 listing of the new fall One Star shoe - Perf Leather and Premium Suede, more fully meet the needs of young people, highlighting the personal characteristics, and meet the needs of a variety of occasions. Born as a nursery in a variety of youth culture in the classic, One Star become the trend of pioneers in the palm of the star, which itself has become a street group and to encourage and promote young individuals pursues a cultural symbol of the true self. in the One Star event, the collection of shoes shoes representative Converse file information administrator Sam Smallidge to lead you to enjoy the One Star each year, about the interpretation of this classic historical street Icon: from 40s Star to All smooth lea cheap jordans for sale mens ther, suede suede shoes, and then to 90s new. Jordan Brand this year seems to be Air? Jordan 3 Retro as one of the flagship products engraved, this pair of new design "Wolf Grey" color to gray base, burst pattern style in black to show to the new shoes, many a new feeling, this will be in the foreign area in July 19th officially SOLD. Please look forward to more domestic sale of intelligence. news source: nitro_licious? Sneakernews? with Nike Kobe 9 Elite and Nike Flyknit Lunar2 officially released, Nike represents the innovation breakthrough for Flyknit technology and desire for excellence, the day before Nike, Lakers guard Kobe Bryant, Allyson Felix, ten male sprinter decathlon world record holder Ashton Eaton, Mo Farah, Lea Wallace, Jordan Hasey, Brandon Johnson, Evan Jager and NFL Sherman star Richard long-distance running champion, top athletes from various fields together to shoot the Flyknit advertising, the film through the slow motion shots to highlight the intensity of athletes, and to see how Flyknit technology to give full protection and support feet. v=SJn64kkpOSc#t=52Nike Kobe 9 Elite 2012 Nike Flyknit technology that sports shoes will soon enter a new era, the latest Nike technology at first widely used in shoes, two years to try and include Free, Lunarlon and Air Max technology combined with each other, as a pair of two popul Cheap air jordan 12 ovo ar shoes. The Nike Kobe 9 Elite, officially released last December, used Flyknit for basketball shoes for the first time. This groundbreaking vamp technology is no doubt changing everyone's knowledge of basketball shoes. When Kobe Bryant about Flyknit, he said: "the occupation basketball players need to make in all directions against the fierce competition in the transformation, accelerate and stop action, Flyknit technology to provide support and protection strength; with the addition of Flyknit Nike Kobe 9 as I've worn shoes most comfortable the shoes wear after you won't feel it, this is its most attractive place. "Nike, Flyknit, Lunar2." Nike Flyknit Lunar1 has been a huge success after Nike this year to bring a lighter, more Nike Flyknit Lunar2, combined with the ultra lightweight shoe and more comfortable with Lunarlon in the end, according to the new design of the bottom foot pressure test, provide a more natural smooth dress sense. has experienced Nike, Flyknit, Lunar2〉had NBA shoes Wang has repeatedly reported Jordan.html" target=" _blank" 〉 Jordan newly released "Do The Right Thing" set message, the package contains two pairs of Air Jordan 1 (I) of new products, we get the details of a pair of white / red color version of the picture and the first now. Time to share with you. These shoes are made of white, super textured leather upper with red cheap jordan shoes for men marks on hooks, linings, laces, bottoms, and ankles. Another feature of the shoe that must not be overlooked is that it's an old-fashioned style tag that matches the shoes. The shoes will be on sale in July 4, 2009 at a retail price of $110. For more details, please click on the following pictures. Source: Battle shoes Wang classic red and white original color, Jordan Air Jordan 1 reproduction, more precious than the Blue Lobster Nike x Concept yellow lobster Dunk shoes King review on a: classic red and white original color, Jordan Air Jordan 1 reproduce the next one: more valuable than the Blue Lobster Nike, x, Concept yellow lobster, Dunk shoes King AF180 reborn with the end of 2013, Nike launched the Air Force 180 shoes without warning;, the Nike, brought Air Force 180 back to you 5 years ago, after 2007. Keep a shoe vamp belt and on the heels of the Nike Air logo, the new Air Force 180 with black suede uppers are built in a red and blue a little embellishment, as for the Swoosh logo on the use of white, classic design gives a new image. / Nike Air Yeezy coconut carved II in December 27th will be on sale in Footlocker! The black emperor to watch Air Jordan / 1 Retro "Bred" color comments on A: Air Yeezy Nike / coconut carved II will be December 27th sale in Footlocker! A black crown to watch Air Jordan / 1 Retro "Bred" color Retro jordans for sale "honor hard won", this is the Huidong people worked hard for more than 20 years, the result is the crystallization of the hard-working and wisdom of the people of Huidong. Bigger and stronger Huidong footwear industry is our persistent pursuit of the goal, efforts will eventually be achieved." In August 22nd, Guangdong Huidong county was awarded the title of "Chinese women's shoes production base" in Beijing by the China Light Industry Federation. In the face of honor, Zhu Tingqing, Secretary of the Huidong county Party committee, told reporters. in 1981, the Hong Kong businessmen, Li Binghao, learned the shoe-making skills and equipment in Hongkong and returned to the home town of Huang County in Huidong County, where they started the first handicraft workshop. At that time the shoemaking technology is relatively simple, the number of workers to master the whole shoe-making process, Li Bing in technology, capital and other aspects to help, even the factory of the machine to move out for the new factory, took up a home run and a private shoe factory. Later, Huang Buren imitate, private shoe doubled, and bring the Geelong, Ping Shan, Tai Ling Town, the vigorous development of the footwear industry in Huidong. At present, the county's shoe business has grown to 3186, of which women's footwear enterprises accounted for 98%, 240 thousand employees, with 322 automatic shoe production line, and gradually formed the developing pattern footwear industry supply of raw materials, mold processing, molding assembly, product sales through-train. native haven't forgotten Li Binghao. Now, nearly eight years of Li Binghao is known locally as the "ancestral" 2002, shoes Huizhou Footwear Association was founded, Li Binghao was appointed honorary president. Talking about the original intention of running a shoe factory, Li Binghao said with emotion: "my hometown people learn a craft, bid farewell to poverty, and embark on the road to prosperity, I am satisfied."." products pass rate of 9 into 9 in 90s of last century, when Huidong shoes industry flourished, some smart Taiwanese businessmen and Hong Kong businessmen started to invest in shoe enterprises, and some Taiwanese, Hong Kong funded enterprises emerged. "Despite this, smart Huidong shoe owners did not excluded counterparts, but by increasing the quality and technology, improve circulation, improve the visibility and credibility, so that their products always thriving, champion." Huizhou footwear industry chamber of Commerce Deputy Secretary General Huang Rongmao said. It is understood that, after more than 20 years of development, at present, the shoe-making enterprises in Huidong, private enterprises accounted for at least 95%. Huidong shoes are fashionable by consumers, but just started, mostly belonging to the family workshop production of a hammer and a pair of scissors, a bucket of glue, resulting in product life is too short, once dubbed "Sunday shoes". Today, the "Sunday shoes" has become the old man, Huang Bu and Geelong shoe companies are using the ISO international quality system certification and production line, to improve the quality of shoes. At present, Huidong shoe products pass rate of 99%, 1)As the Nike's shoes and a history of milepost Air VaporMax products, the degree of concern has been high, and the big OFF-WHITE is to let this add fuel to the flames of attention. The day before the network has finally released a new complete atlas, Virgil uses the conventional design methods and unique identification information to identify the details of each are quite sophisticated, and the new VaporMax air cushion also ensured with comfort. 1.jpg (350.18 KB, download number: 10) download OFF-WHITE x Nike Air VaporMax complete exposure 2017-5-13 22:58 upload 2.jpg (364.65 KB, download number: 10) download OFF-WHITE x Nike Air VaporMax complete exposure 2017-5-13 upload 22:58 4.jpg (355.69 KB, download number: 11) download OFF-WHITE x Nike Air VaporMax complete exposure 2017-5-13 upload 22:58 3.jpg (272.51 KB, download number: 10) download OFF-WHITE x Nike Air VaporMax complete exposure 2017-5-13 22:58 upload 5.jpg (356.98 KB, download number: 10) download OFF-WHITE x Nike Air VaporMax complete exposure 2017-5-13 22:58 OFF-WHITE Nike Air VaporMax upload, 00in the "socks" shoes popular, even Balenciaga other luxury brands have begun to launch its own style, Nike certainly will not stop a further exploration on this market. In the introduction of new shoes at the same time, the brand also was born in the 90s classic AQUA Sock as the blueprint, after modified, launched AQUA Sock; new shoes 360 paragraph. To weave texture not only vamp and sole and heel was also improved, from the appearance looks very avant-garde and light. Although the official did not disclose this pair of shoes of the specific release date, but I believe will soon formally meet with us, please look forward to. The western region of the Holiday season Vans will soon come, high-end extension Vans Vault also released a collaboration with Diemme 2014 series of joint holiday shoes in the day before. As the fourth degree of cooperation, the two pairs of shoes Montebelluna Era LX and Montebelluna Hi LX continue to use the Horween to create the top leather color, in addition to the classic Brown optional, also for the first time on color design, are obviously different from before. The series will begin in November next Vans the selection of stores, want to experience the best quality Vans shoes friends not to be missed.

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